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Own your Servers.

Open Source means you can host anywhere. DevShop runs smoothly on any Ubuntu LTS or CentOS 7 server (or equivalent).

Built in Continuous Integration.

DevShop comes with CI out of the box. Create unlimited environments per project, run Behat tests automatically on every git push, create new environments for every Pull-Request, and more.

White Glove Dev Team Support.

DevShop.Support offers more than just server support. We embed with your development team to improve efficiency, train for test-driven-development, reduce costs, and hit deadlines.

DevShop in Action

Watch our session from Drupal Camp Montreal, Easy PR Environments on your Own Server.

SLA-backed Support.

Devshop.Support offers Service-Level Agreements just like other "Drupal Cloud Hosting" companies, but on your own servers.

Bare metal, private or public cloud: We support DevShop on any Linux server, with any network configuration, in any datacenter.

Support Plans

DevShop.Support offers multiple levels of Support Licenses, and are able to help in other ways. Please choose your license below, or get in touch to discuss other options.


  • Real-time Support Chat.
  • Single-sign-on.
  • 1 DevShop User.


  • Real-time Support Chat.
  • Single-sign-on.
  • 4 DevShop Users.
  • 2 Support Hours.


  • Real-time Support Chat.
  • Single-sign-on.
  • 20 DevShop Users.
  • 10 Support Hours.


Contact Us
  • Support Chat.
  • Single-sign-on.
  • Unlimited DevShop Users.
  • Unlimited Domains Monitors.
  • Unlimited Support Hours.

DevShop.Support Features

Open Source DevShop provides many features out of the box.

DevShop.Support offers add-on services to make the experience even better.

Single Sign On

Log in to any supported DevShop server with your DevShop.Support account.

Connect to your own using authentication service by using available Drupal modules.

Embedded Support

Use the embedded chat widget to contact us from your own servers.

If needed, we will embed with your team to make sure you get the most out of DevShop.

Automatic Updates

Keep your DevShop up to date with our Automatic Update service.

Use the Upgrade Drupal button to keep your site's codebase up to date.

Monitor, Log, & Alert

Keep an eye on your server and get alerted if anything goes wrong using industry-standard tools and services.


DevShop & Aegir include support for, allowing automatic creation and renewal of SSL/TLS certificates.

Early Access

As we roll out new features such as Docker & Kubernetes support, you will be the first to get access.



Jon Pugh

Building the web since 1997 and using Drupal exclusively since 2004, Jon's used Drupal in Higher Ed, Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Medical, Government and more.

He lives in Pawling NY with his wife, twin boy toddlers, and their mastiff/german shepherd mutt, Flora Belle.


Andy Laken

Andy fell in love with programming in the 1970s, and with Drupal and open source in 2004. He led Customer Success teams at Acquia for 5 years, helping large organizations worldwide win with open source and complex Drupal implementations.

Andy advocates for transparency, openness, and empathy in the conduct of business – and in the implementation of technology.

Andy lives in Portland Ore. and loves biking, gardening, and electric guitar.


Stephanie Fuda

Buildling the internet for over 10 year and building it with Drupal since v6.19, carrying the client's message in Finance, Non-Profit, Advertising and Public Service.

She lives in Danbury CT with her husband, a tabby cat called Whiskey, and too many hobbies to count.


Jacinto Capote

Jacinto has been working with Drupal since before 2008. Always eager to help. he loves fixing those bugs that no one else can solve.

He lives in Cádiz, Spain with his wife and 3 children, and enjoys semi-pro mountain biking in his free time.


Leona Chan, CPA

Leona Chan, CPA has over 20 years of accounting and tax services experience, including working for IBM as a trusted financial adviser of the supercomputer products.

She graduated with Cum Laude Honor from The University of Connecticut. She received a BS degree in a Business Administration major in Accounting in 1990.

Leona has been living in the Hudson Valley for over 21 years.


Gergely Csonka

Gergely has been a tech entrepreneur since 2009, starting his career as a programmer for Vodafone.

In 2012, Gergely co-founded Cheppers, a Drupal agency, and helped grow the business to more than 65 people.

Gergely lives in Manhattan and is an organizer of the Drupal NYC Meetup group.


Benjamin Horst

With a BA from Vassar College and Master’s degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Ben moved into the NYC technology startup sector in the early 2000s and has worked as a product manager at small startups and larger companies including Six Apart, Shapeways, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Bloomberg LP.

He’s led agile software development teams and managed and developed company strategy for complete suites of digital products including web properties, mobile sites and things in between.

He has an abiding interest in Drupal and open source software development with a focus on UX design.


Kevin Thull

Kevin’s first Drupal project was migrating an automotive parts site from a perl-based CMS into Drupal/Ubercart back when D6 was shiny and new. His site work spans a broad range of industries, including nonprofit, ecommerce, conferences, interior design, cooking, education, health/wellness, and art.

Winner of Drupal’s 2018 Aaron Winborn award, he lives in Chicago and is responsible for capturing and uploading more than 1,000 Drupal talks from all across North America.

Praise for Devshop

A few kind words from customers and our community.


At NuCivic, we used DevShop and Behat to get a $7M+ project back on the rails. We used DevShop to enforce test-driven-development across all of our client sites, regardless of hosting provider, saving countless hours across the business.

Thanks to DevShop, we were able to support customers for whom self-hosting was a requirement, like state and federal governments.

Andrew Hoppin, co-founder of NuCivic.

@OpenDevShop was exactly what I was looking for! A perfect blend of git based workflow and @aegirproject

Lakshmi Narasimhan

New #drupal #devshop environments auto-create branches in the git repo? What sweet heaven is this?

John Storey

Just want to say: I like this project. Thank you so much!

Andy Truong
submitter of our very first GitHub Issue.

Wow!! Don't know how have been living without this!!! @OpenDevShop thanks @jonpugh, I love it!!!

Raul "Drupalia-cat" Jimenez Morales.

Built on Aegir

DevShop is built on top of the Aegir Project, which has been hosting Drupal since 2007, and is trusted by organizations like these and many other institutions: